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ENFF Education Programme

Using, Making, Reconstructing Archive

The Cars We Drove Into Capitalism (2021)

In recent years, many filmmakers have been inspired by experimenting with archive material or using the archive as an inspiration and as a starting point to build a story. It’s interesting to see how each filmmaker finds a unique, original way to draw stories from archives and develops their own personal methods for using them. For the 15th edition of the ENFF, the education program has been developed within the thematic program Memory in Cinema, with a sub-focus on using archive material to tell a narrative.

The program consists of film screenings and Masterclasses by two filmmakers: Otilia Babara from the Republic of Moldova and Biserka Suran from The Netherlands/Croatia. Their artistic, highly original approach to using archive material is quite different: Babara, in her debut feature-length film, builds the whole narrative out of found footage – home videos recorded and sent by mothers to their children and by children to their mothers. At the same time, Suran reconstructs film scenes based on her imaginary, personal archive and researched archive material from the official history of a country.

In the film The Cars We Drove Into Capitalism (Bulgaria, 2021), directors Georgi Bogdanov and Boris Missirkov have used fascinating archival material to explore the types of cars used in former Eastern Bloc countries. With a humorous and clear approach, the documentary also sheds a sharp light on the current situation in Central, Eastern, and Southern Europe.