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FOCUS  – New Vibrant Slovenian Cinema

A relevant and dramatic European contemporary story ( NL Premiere)  Once Were Humans, by talented Goran Vojnovic and with the appearance of brilliant actors from the whole region- from Slovenian Marusa Majer and Boris Cavazza to Bosnian Moamer KasumovicJasna Zalica,  Emir Hadzihafizbegovic to Italian Francesco Borchi.

Join us at RIALTO for the small reception hosted by the Slovenian Embassy and enjoy Slovenian typical drink and famous Slovenian snack- potica (delicious walnut cake). We will also have wine tasting of Slovenian wine- by Andere wine company


Desperate to resolve their financial troubles, two friends and business partners get involved in the shady business. A film about humanity and the still pressing issue of refugees and migrants in Europe.


Leo, an Italian, and Vucko, a Bosnian, both live in Slovenia and are business partners. They own a restaurant where Leo’s ex-wife works. Leo has a son to support and Vucko, a former refugee, lives with his sick mother. Their troubles begin when the bank refuses to give them the loan to renovate the restaurant. Unable to repay the debt, and faced with losing the restaurant, they go to a swindler Gianni who makes them an offer: steal his truck so that he can get insurance money, and later pay them their share. Under the darkness of night, Leo steals the truck at gunpoint, but they soon realise it is the wrong one. This one is full of migrants. What are they going to do with them? Leo’s and Vucko’s humanity is put to the test and hard decisions need to be made. A great performance from a team of mixed Slovenian and Bosnian actors.


Country: Slovenia
Year: 2020
Length: 89 min
Director: Goran Vojnovic
Editing: Ivor Ivezic
Cinematography: Milos Srdic
Cast: Francesco Borchi, Moamer Kasumovic, Marusa Majer, Emir Hadzihafizbegovic

Andere Wijn
Slovenian Film Center
Slovenia Ministry of Culture