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Music at ENFF

Nazar and Iryna Gnativ

Opening Night, Wednesday, 22.11.

Every year, ENFF brings special musical guests who bring beauty to the program and further represent the rich cultures of their countries to a Dutch audience. The opening musicians of this edition will be Nazar and Iryna Gnativ. They come from the west of Ukraine, near Sokal. Growing up, both of their families had a profound passion for singing, and it became a cherished tradition during their gatherings. As their love blossomed, Nazar would often bring a songbook to test if Iryna shared his musical soul and could be his harmonious companion in the years to come. To support their families financially, they made the life-changing decision to emigrate to the Netherlands six years ago. Despite the geographical distance from their homeland, they remained steadfast in their devotion to Ukrainian music, and their voices continued to blend in beautiful harmony. Nazar additionally serves as the Cantor at the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in Rijswijk, while both he and Iryna actively participate as singers in the vocal ensemble Chervoni Korali.

Chervoni Korali

Chevroni Korali will perform alongside the screening of King Lear: How We Looked for Love During the War on Saturday, 25.11. at 12.40h.

This 15th edition will also be enhanced by the performances of the Ukrainian choir Chervoni Korali (meaning “red corals”, traditional jewellery from Ukraine). The vocalists of the ensemble are united by their love for Ukrainian songs and enjoy promoting Ukrainian traditions and culture. The ensemble consists of singers who live and work in The Hague and its surroundings. Twice a month, they accompany the Holy Ukrainian Catholic mass at the Bonifatius Church in Rijswijk. Chervoni Korali and their conductor Nataliya Malahnova actively participate in art projects, festivals, cultural events, competitions, and diplomatic gatherings to promote Ukrainian singing culture in the Netherlands and abroad. More info: www.chervonikorali.nl