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A Two Way Mirror

DirectorKatarina Zrinka Matijevic
ProducerNenad Puhovski, Tamara Babun – Factum
WriterKatarina Zrinka Matijevic
EditorAna Stulina
CameraVjeran Hrpka
SoundIvan Zelic, Vesna Biljan Pusic
Screening4 November 2017 | 15:00 hours | Filmhuis Den Haag
5 November 2017 | 16:15 hours | Filmhuis Den Haag
Length42 min

A poetic documentary about the author’s journey along an inner railroad track, the track of her ancestors and her childhood. The winner of the Croatian Oktavijan Award for Best Documentary. Screenings will be followed by Q&A with the director Katarina Zrinka Matijevic.


A film about surviving losses. The loss of four unborn children, the loss of health, the loss of inner peace. It follows the author’s personal quest in the Croatian region of Lika, the remote land of her ancestors. There are many tunnels in Lika, and after every dark tunnel, filled with secrets, fear and darkness – all shown in organic, experimental images – a new season of the year awakens. The images of land and people, captured sounds and the narrator’s voice complete the experience. The director points out: “Every fear comes with the reason. To cure my fears, I merged secret patterns and knowledge of my family with the cycles of nature. Through this collision I revealed what is human in beasts and beastly in humans.”

Festivals & Awards (selection)

Croatian Film Days, 2016 – Oktavijan Award for Best Documentary | ZagrebDox, Croatia 2016 – Program Factumentaries | Sarajevo Film Festival, 2016 – Documentary Film Competition | Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival, 2016 | Liburnia Film Festival, Croatia 2016 – Best Cinematography, Best Sound, Special Mention