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Aga’s House

DirectorLendita Zeqiraj
Producern’Art Films; Woof Films, Sacrebleu Productions, Ska-Ndal, SY13 Films
WriterLendita Zeqiraj
CameraSofian El Fani
EditorKeka Berisha, Thomas Marchand
CastArti Lokaj, Rozafa Celaj, Adriana Matoshi, Basri Lushtaku
Original TitleSHPIA E AGES
Length107 min

Lendita Zeqiraj, a strong voice from Kosovo, whose short film Balcony was premiered in Venice, is coming back to ENFF with her compelling feature-length debut. Political, yet playful, charming and somewhat humorous, it focuses on life of five women in post-war Kosovo where many men were killed and families destroyed. A festival circuit sweetheart and beautiful coming of age story, praised by Variety magazine as ‘a punchy uncompromising drama’.


Aga, a nine-year-old boy, lives with his mother and four troubled women in a faraway corner of Kosovo’s rugged landscape. Long conversations between the women reveal their characters, complexities and depths of struggle, each of the actresses putting remarkable performances on screen. The only other male figure in their vicinity is Cera, an arrogant and abusive man, with whom Aga develops a relationship. Cera appears to be the only one supporting the boy in the search for his missing father. A search in which he wants to entail the help of Zdena, his Croatian neighbour, who could teach him a few useful words in Serbian. But she is deeply troubled and her attempt to commit suicide reveals the social cracks and conflicts in Kosovar society