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Atonal Glow

Tsotne Zedginidze was born in Georgia and is a 10-year-old prodigy piano soloist and composer. His talent is of such out of the ordinary proportions that even the European classical musical establishment – an elite that is otherwise almost impossible to impress – has turned their eyes on him. None other than Daniel Barenboim, director of the Berlin State Opera, has even taken it upon himself to be his mentor. 


Georgia | 2022 | 66 min

PRODUCTION: Alexander Koridze – Spark Studio

CAST: Tsotne Zedginidze, Nino Zedginidze, Daniel Barenboim, Nikoloz Rachveli

CINEMATOGRAPHY: Alexander Koridze

EDITING: Alexander Koridze

SOUND: George Gvarjaladze


This intimate and deeply touching portrait of a genius young musician and his extraordinary relationship with his lovely granny unfolds playfully and with lots of charm. Directed, recorded and edited with great sensitivity and discretion by Alexander Koridze,  the documentary takes its viewers into the life of Tsotne, who is undoubtedly on his way to make history. Tsotne’s artistic gifts span from playing the piano and composing extraordinary new pieces, to staging performances and even film-making. He displays a unique combination of childish simplicity, complex thoughts and mature emotions. Under the thoughtful, kind and attuned eye of his grandmother, who takes care of him, Tsotne is set to reach the stars.

Saturday 26.11. / 10:45h / ZAAL 2

Director’s statement

Imagine you can travel back in time and film the childhood of such a great creator as Beethoven or Tchaikovsky… This must be any documentary filmmaker’s dream. I have been lucky enough to spend the last few years with a person whose name is becoming more and more popular in classical music circles, in a geometric progression. The great maestros of the musical world are already fascinated by this little genius’ music. This is a film about the forming of a great talent in the wonderful world of music.

Festivals & Awards (selection)

Sarajevo Film Festival, 2022 | Krakow Film Festival, 2022

Director’s bio

Alexander Koridze is a director and screenwriter living and working in Tbilisi, Georgia. He participated twice in Berlinale Talent Campus, directed over 30 auteur and television films and his work appeared in various international film festivals. In 2016 he founded Spark, his own production company.