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Beyond The Sea

dir. Anastasija Pirozenko | The Netherlands

In 1973 a Soviet writer travelled to Western Europe to explore a newly built modernist town for her next sci-fi novel. The film follows her steps, while juxtaposing past dreams with present realitiesBeyond the Sea is a short fiction-documentary film about Emmen, one of the first planned cities in the Netherlands, and a home to textile and metal industry workers. Emmen was a social experiment, meant to become the embodiment of a committed, happy and united society. But the planned idyll did not last long or perhaps never existed. In this poetic, sci-fi-like film journey, a speculative fiction intertwines with the present-day narratives of the city, revealing modernist dreams and a complex shift in the history of its community.

Thursday 21.4. / 16:00h / ZAAL 3

Saturday 23.4. / 16:00h / ZAAL 3

Special Guests: Filmmakers Anastasija Pirozenko, Daniel Donato, Olga Koleva


The Netherlands | 2020 | 27 min

 PRODUCTION: ThankEve, Katja Sokolova, EOdocs


EDITING: Stella van Vorst van Beest, Anastasija Pirozenko

SOUND: Ronnie van der Veer, Sergio Gonzalez Cuervo