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Bosnian Broadway

An engaging documentary on the hopes and dreams of young people in the Balkans. An American theatre director is auditioning actors and singers for the first Broadway show in the ex-YU region. Who will be selected?


Croatia | 2021 | 30 min

PRODUCTION: Tibor Keser, Vanja Jambrovic – Restart Laboratorij

SCREENPLAY: Jasmina Besirevic

CINEMATOGRAPHY: Jasmina Besirevic


SOUND: Nina Ugrinovic


Sixteen young actors have been selected to participate in a Broadway musical that established American artists are putting on in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Many of the actors dream of a career beyond this region and they begin rehearsing with great enthusiasm and high expectations. However, as the premiere approaches, the mood begins to change. What will happen once the project is over? Will they return to their “regular” lives?

Thursday 24.11. / 15:30h / ZAAL 3   

Saturday 26.11. / 12:00h / ZAAL 6

Festivals & Awards (selection)

Sarajevo Film Festival, 2021 – Premiere | MakeDox, 2022

Director’s bio

Jasmina Besirevic studies Film and TV Directing (Documentary Film) at the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb.  She was born in Zagreb and has lived and studied in Germany and the U.S.A. She holds a B.S. in Ecology and an M.A. in Education. Filmography: All Good Things (Restart – Skola dokumentarnog filma, 2017); Posljednja kino predstava (ADU Zagreb, 2019); Nas mali raj (ADU Zagreb, 2019); Lina (ADU Zagreb, 2021); Sad sam ja Irena (ADU Zagreb, 2021); Bosanski Brodvej (Restart Laboratorij, 2021).