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One day in the life of Nicola – a guy who wants to escape from everything around him.


Serbia | 2021 | 27 min

PRODUCTION: Hadzi – Aleksandar Djurovic, Nemanja Mladenovic – Academy of Arts Belgrade

CAST: Vladimir Gvojic, Branko Perisic, Nikola Pavlovic, Dobrila Stojnic, Ivana Zivkovic


EDITING: Andrej Krizan

SOUND: Magdalena Boskovic, Filip Colic, Tomislav Milenkovic


Exhausted of low-paid jobs, and following the breakup with his long-term girlfriend; frustrated Nicola believes his only escape is leaving the country. The story is set in one single day, in which he goes to an old friend from whom he buys a fake European Union passport. Throughout this day Nicola encounters several unpleasant situations that give us the impression he is about to explode any moment.

Thursday 24.11. / 17:15h / ZAAL 3

Saturday 26.11. / 13:45h / ZAAL 6

Director’s statement

It’s a story about a young man who possesses hidden anger and frustration and who only wants to escape far away from everything surrounding him. I honestly believe that the majority of the audience can relate to some scenes and maybe ask themselves ”What would they do if they were in the main character’s place?”. In the film we are always with Nicola because I wanted to transfer the pain and his suffering to the audience with some hyper realistic scenes and with atmosphere. 

Festivals & Awards (selection)

In the Palace – International Short Film Festival, 2022 | ODA Tetova International Film Festival, 2022 | SIMFEST, 2022 | Shorts Mexico, 2022

Director’s bio

Nemanja Mladenovic was born in 1992 in Belgrade. He graduated Film and TV directing at the Academy of Arts Belgrade. He worked as second assistant director on two feature fiction films. In 2016 he received an award for the ”Best Student” at Academy of Arts Belgrade. He graduated with his short fiction film ,,Burnout”.