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DirectorAleksandra Swierk
ProducerAneta Zagorska – Stowarzyszenie Film Krakow, Joanna Szymanska – Shipsboy; Cinelight, Cinerental, Krakowskie Biuro Festiwalowe
WriterAleksandra Swierk
CameraMarcin Laskawiec
CastJagna Gorniak, Dominika Bednarczyk
Original TitleKAMUFLAZ
Length19 min

A subtle and risky story of the development of a mother-daughter relationship. When a loss makes one stronger and closer.


It’s already six months since Weronika’s father – professional soldier – has been sent on a mission to Afghanistan and went MIA. Weronika misses him. His former office is her safe hideout. Mother, though devastated by the loss, denies the grief and pretends to have moved on. The subject is a taboo. Until one afternoon when they get into fight and Weronika locks her mother in the father’s office.


Aleksandra works as a scriptwriter and script consultant. In 2016 she has won award at Too Short To Die script competition for her short script “Lilly”. Two years later feature script “Mary-go-round” cowritten with director Daria Woszek and Sylwester Piechura received Special Mention at Polish national script competition “Trzy Korony”. Her film “Mary-go-round” has become a part of SXSW 2020 official selection. Aleksandra is an alumni of numerous scriptwriting programs, including TorinoFilmLab, Sources2 and MIDPOINT. “Camouflage” was developed through European Short Pitch and it’s her directorial debut.