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An audience favourite in many countries, winner of Grand Prix at FIFEM Montreal, receiver of the prestigious Max Ophüls Prize in Germany, and many other awards given by professional, teen and children’s juries, proves that this unique human, political, warm and charming story touched hearts of both: youngsters and adults equally.

Oskar (8) and Lilli (13), live with their Chechen mother in Austria. But deportation is threatening the family and the mother cracks down. The family gets separated by the authorities and children are forcefully placed in different family. But their tight bond and mutual love are so strong that they come up with various lucid, often funny solutions, challenging all bureaucratic obstacles with passion, imagination and humour. The face of Europe reflects in this strong film with astonishingly well performed child’s parts. A bittersweet journey directed and written by Arash T. Riahi who was a child of refugees himself, and grew up in Austria. 


Austria | 2020 | 102 min | English subtitled

PRODUCTION: Veit Heiduschka, Michael Katz – Wega Film

CAST: Leopold Pallua, Rosa Zant, Christine Ostermayer

SCREENPLAY: Arash T. Riahi, based on a novel by Monika Helfer


EDITING: Julia Drack, Stefan Bechinger


AGE: 11+

Saturday 23.4. / 13:00 / ZAAL 4

Sunday 24.4. / 17:00h / ZAAL 2

Special Guest: Actress Ines Miro


Max Ophüls FF, 2020 – Audience Award | Filem’on, Brussels 2020 – Teen Screen Award | Film Festival Kitzbuehel, 2020 – Best Film | Schlingel IFF for Children and Young Audience, 2020 – Diamant Award | Molodist IFF, Kyiv 2020 – Special Jury Diploma | Taormina FF, 2020 – Best Film by Students Jury | Zagreb FF, 2020 – Audience Award, Children Jury Award | Olympia CFF, 2020 – Best Feature Film | International Migration FF, Ankara 2020 – Special Jury Award | FIFEM Montreal, 2021 – Grand Prix/Children’s Jury Award, Prix INIS 

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