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We will start the spring edition of our program with work of Bosnian Oscar winning director Danis Tanović who’s film opened 27th Sarajevo International Film Festival – the locally rooted situation comedy Not So Friendly Neighbourhood Affair / Deset U Pola .
With intelligent and typical Balkan humor, the film became a hit on the Balkans.


Everything in Sarajevo can be the subject of jokes, except for one thing – kebabs! A smart comedy by Oscar-winning director Danis Tanovic.


Sarajevo, May 2021. The Old Town is trying to recover after difficult pandemic year. The pandemic is not over yet, but the summer is coming, there is hope that things can improve, even if only for a short time. When a woman from Zagreb, a renowned “influencer” decides to be the judge whose kebabs are the best in town, life in the famous old town Bascarsija is turned up-side down. 

This funny, charming film with great performances from lead players Izudin Bajrovic, Branko Djuric, Goran Navojec and young Helena Vukovic, mocks common notions in the life of the average Sarajevan. Appearances of famous musicians like Goran Bregovic, Elvis J. Kurtovic and many others, show that the making of this extremely low budget film, shot in the time of pandemic, was fun and entertaining for the whole crew. It is a film dedicated to the citizens of Sarajevo, as the director pointed out during the Sarajevo Film Festival. The DOP of the film is the world-known Sarajevan photographer and Pulitzer Prize winner Damir Sagolj.


Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey
Year: 2021
Length: 90 min
Director: Danis Tanovic
Editing: Redzinald Simek
Cinematography: Natasha Pavlovskaya
Cast: Branko Djuric, Izudin Bajrovic, Helena Vukovic, Kerim Cutuna
Production: Mirsad Purivatra, Amra Baksic Camo, Jovan Marjanovic – Obala Art Centar, TRT; Poetika Film Produksiyon Reklam Ve Organizasyon

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