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Criss Cross



A humorous tale about friendship and betrayal. Rarely do we see embroidery used as inspiration for a film. Minimalist in style and creative in its idea, it’s a real gem of a film.

A visual illustration of the old folk saying: “A friend in need is a friend indeed”. This short, animated fable is both a children’s film with a moral, and an attractive film for adults thanks to its artistic style, combining animation with cross stitch embroidery and traditional motifs.

SHOWTIMES | Triple Feature: Slovak Shorts with Awohali & Liquid Bread | Special Guest: Monika Lostakova

Friday, 24 November – 15:00

Sunday, 26 November – 13:00

KRIZOM KRAZOM | 2023 | 8 min | Slovakia, Czech Republic

PRODUCTIONSimona Hrusovska, Veronika Kocourkova – Super film; MAUR film
SCREENPLAYBarbora Nemeth, Nina Rybarova
ANIMATIONMarek Jasan, Jan Bohuslav, Eva Dobuseva, Charlie Brault
EDITINGMichal Kondrla, Oliver Bahul
SOUNDBranislav Laho
LANGUAGENo dialogue


Fest Anca International Animation Festival, 2023 | IndieLisboa International Independent Film Festival, 2023 | Concorto Film Festival, 2023


The goal of our project is to revive the traditional cross-stitch embroidery in an animated work and not just stay at the level of folklore. We also work with modern elements, combining archaic patterns with pixel graphics and the poetics of old 8-bits. The created designs are inspired by traditional motifs and the story draws from folk literature. The protagonists of the story are hand-embroidered forest animals who experience feelings similar to ours: love, hate, pride and jealousy. The fairy tale takes place on the surface of a canal, where a forest grows, a goat lives in it and experiences various cheerful adventures together with other animal heroes.


Nina Rybárová is a graduate of the Faculty of Philosophy of Comenius University in Bratislava. Shehas considerable professional experience in the artistic and cultural sphere in the elds of dramaturgy, writing, marketing, PR, and copywriting. She is a member of the artistic group kundycrew.com which uses the needlework method in art. Criss Cross is her debut film. 

Tomáš Rybár is an illustrator, VJ, graphic designer and art director in one person, holder of awards such as Best Game (Trnava Game Days Jam 2019) or Best Aesthetic Awards (Bratislava Game Jam 2018). He studied Visual Communication at AFAD Bratislava.