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Don’t Hesitate To Come For A Visit, Mom

dir. Anna Artemyeva | Belgium, Hungary, Portugal, Russia

This is a story about the separation of a mother and 3 years old daughter, who live far from each other, because of visa’s issues. Every day they communicate in video chat and dream of an imminent meeting.Little Grania comes up with various games that help her to deal with separation trauma. She plays online apps with her mom. While studying in another country, the mother is trying to achieve the opportunity to be with her family, but each time her hopes are crushed by a bureaucratic machine. All this lasts a month, half a year, a year…

Thursday 21.4. / 16:00h / ZAAL 3

Saturday 23.4. / 16:00h / ZAAL 3

Special Guests: Filmmakers Anastasija Pirozenko, Daniel Donato, Olga Koleva

PRIYEZZHAY K NAM V GOSTI, MAMA Belgium, Hungary, Portugal | 2020 | 12 min PRODUCTION: Anna Artemyeva, Daphne Pascual, DocNomads CINEMATOGRAPHY: Artur Sokolov EDITING: Anna Artemyeva, Daria Razumnikova SOUND: David Vranken


Visions du Réel, 2021 – IDFA Talent Award | Hot Docs, 2021 – Shorts Programme | ZagrebDox, 2021 – International Competition | Sehsüchte, 2021 – Best Documentary Short Competition