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ENFF On Tour in Utrecht: Our Everyday Life


ENFF On Tour brings Dutch premiere of ”Our Everyday Life”. After several very successful documentaries, Ines Tanovic, gives herself a difficult task of making a compelling feature film about the daily struggle of an average Bosnian middle-class family.


A young war veteran tries to cope with the economic hardships of post-war Bosnia, while his father cannot give up his social beliefs in an increasingly corrupt society. When the problems start mounting up, both of them realise that it is actually only family that matters. The story depicts a middle-class Sarajevo family, struggling with all the problems typical for a post-war society; unemployment, migration, broken family ties, crumbeling health system and a growing dillema among the younger generation, whether to leave or to stay. The story correlates to the director’s generation for which the 2000’s have offered neither real freedom, nor successful job opportunities or progress. It is as if their life has been placed on hold.

Director/Writer: Ines Tanovic Producer: Alem Babic, Dunja Klemenc, Zdenka Gold – Dokument, Studio Maj, Spiritus movens Cast: Uliks Fehmi, Emir Hadzihafizbegovic, Jasna Ornela Berys Editor: Redzinald Simek Camera: Erol Zubcevic Original Title: Naša svakodnevna priča Year: 2015 Length: 89 min Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Croatia Subtitles: English

FESTIVALS & AWARDS (selection)

Sarajevo Film Festival, 2015 | Tuzla Film Festivalm 2015 – Best Feature Film | Vilnius International Film Festival, 2016 – Best Actor Award | Prishtina International Film Festival, 2016 – Audience Award | South-East European Film Festival Berlin, 2016 – Best Actor | Montenegro Film Festival, 2016 – Best Screenplay