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Exhibition – Sjecam se / I remember


Memories and dreams for the future of Bosnian-Dutch youth

1-5 November | Filmhuis Den Haag | Studio A

Since 1995, legal and liability issues associated with the genocide in Srebrenica dominate the public debate in the Netherlands with little space for people’s own experiences from all over Bosnia-Herzegovina. During ENFF, Filmhuis Den Haag will feature the exhibition Sjecam se/I remember in which young Bosnian-Dutch share – in words and photographs – personal childhood memories and their perspective on the past and the future of Bosnia and Herzegovina twenty-two years after the war. They were all born in Yugoslavia, they all fled to the Netherlands as a child and all grew up with precious and painful memories of Bosnia’s culture and history. However, above all, they are individuals with their own memories, perspectives and dreams for the future.

This photo-exhibition presents the candid stories of Sala Besic, Daria Bukvic, Arnes Hadzikadunic, Inesa Jasarevic, Una Kreso, Vanja Saric, Ena Sendijarevic and Igor Vrebac. Laura Boerhout engaged in conversation with them in 2015 and worked together with them and photographer Claudia Heinermann for this exhibition and several public programs. Claudia works mainly on long-lasting documentary photo projects, related to the consequences of wars and genocides. She published amongst others the photo-book ‘Enduring Srebrenica’ (2012) and ‘Wolfskinder. A post-war story’ (2015). Laura is doing research at the University of Amsterdam on stories and representations related to the post-Yugoslav space and is active in the educational and cultural scene to enable discussions on heritage and oral history.

Texts of the exhibition are in Dutch, but translations of the texts will be available in English and B/C/S. The exhibition has been funded by vfonds, Friendship link Bosnia-Zwolle and Foundation Open Society Institute. We extend our gratitude to Inesa Jasarevic and Inga Kotlo (translations), Ella Gazibara and -SYB- (design).

Filmmaker Una Kreso, photographed by Claudia Heinermann, 2015