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Have a Laugh

(Fucking Bornholm 2022)

Eastern European humor is often known for its bold and peculiar character, and films, in their own way, highlight the significance of humor in our lives. 

In this category, we find the Polish film Fucking Bornholm (2022), a dramedy that revolves around marital problems. In this film, director Anna Kazejak takes us on a journey to the summer vacation of young Polish intellectuals who are struggling in their personal lives to make the right choices.

The Croatian film Seventh Heaven (2023, Dutch premiere) portrays the hilarious antics of a man with too many women and too little time. When he consults an ‘expert’ to salvage his situation, he ends up in even greater chaos. Whether he will triumph or fail is revealed in this comedy full of unexpected twists, where the only thing bigger than his problems is his blood pressure.
Special guest: director Jasna Nanut.