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Hold Me Right

A brave, deeply personal documentary on the aftermath of sexual assault and finding a way forward. 

Hold Me Right exposes the culture of sexual violence, a crime that even today is often not spoken of. Through intimate first-hand testimonies and vérité sequences, it take us into the arc of a survivor’s journey. 

In her first documentary, Serbian filmmaker and award-winning actress Danijela Stajnfeld finds power in empathy as she struggles with her own experience of surviving an assault by her fellow colleague. After losing the ability to speak up safely, she finds the courage to share her own story through the process of meeting and interviewing survivors like herself. In the era of the #MeToo movement, anger and fear prevent necessary dialogues that address both sides of abuse. The film takes us into the lives of both victims and perpetrators for the very first time. It gives a closer look at the profound damage of silence, providing a path to healing and empowerment. 

Serbia, United States | 2020 | 75 min

PRODUCTION: Danijela Stajnfeld, Mike Lerner – Roast Beef Productions

SCREENPLAY: Danijela Stajnfeld


EDITING: Kelsey Lynne Payne, Danijela Stajnfeld

MUSIC: Christian Ruggiero, Jason Binnick

Thursday 21.4. / 21:30h / ZAAL 2

Friday 22.4. / 17:30h / ZAAL 3


Sarajevo Film Festival 2020 – World Premiere | Palic European Film Festival 2020 | Auteur Film Festival 2020 | Martovski Festival 2020 | ZagrebDox 2021