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I Never Cry

The great talent of new European cinema, who impressed with his debut “Silent Night”, Piotr Domalevski now deals with a drama on the exodus of the Polish population. With many of them having left Poland to work in north-western Europe, the film follows a life-changing journey into the consequences of living a life without a family.

Ola, a smart 17-year-old girl from a small city in Poland, is a “Euro-orphan” and sets off to a foreign country on her own. She must bring her father’s body back to Poland after he died working at a construction site in Ireland. But never mind her dad; Ola wants to know if he saved money for the car he had promised. It will turn out to be the trip of her lifetime, a trip into the unknown, a final opportunity to reconnect with her estranged father. In Ireland, she will come to know a different world and meet people who will change her approach to life. The director Domalevski is called the “Ken Loach of East European cinema” by critics because of his talent for nuanced analyses of characters from working class families, given often with a great sense of humour, as well as love for each of his film heroes.


Poland/Ireland | 2020 | 98 min

PRODUCTION: Jan Kwiecinski – Akson Studio; Julie Ryan – MK1 Productions

CAST: Zofia Stafiej, Kinga Preis, Arkadiusz Jakubik, Cosmina Stratan

SCREENPLAY: Piotr Domalewski

CINEMATOGRAPHY: Piotr Sobocinski Jr.

EDITING: Agnieszka Glinska

Friday 22.4. / 16:45h / ZAAL 2

Saturday 23.4. / 17:15h / ZAAL 4


Dublin International Film Festival 2021 – Michael Dwyer Discovery Award | Mons International Festival of Love Films 2021 – Cineuropa Prize, Grand Prize | Polish Film Awards 2021 – Best Supporting Actress, Best Cinematography | San Sebastian Film Festival 2020 – World Premiere (New Directors Competition)