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In Touch

A moving story of immigration, the hopes of those left behind and the desires of others who chose to leave their country. Winner of the Special Jury Award for Mid-Length Documentary at IDFA 2018!

Rialto VU is a brand new theater, located in a new building on the campus of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam at De Boelelaan.

ENFF contributed to the “more culture in the south district of Amsterdam”by screening impressive and relevant IDFA award winning film.


The village Stare Juchy, which means in Polish Old Blood, is located in Masuria, area often referred as “The Land of Thousand Lakes”. Most of the inhabitants have emigrated to Iceland since the 80s and nobody has returned. Those who stayed behind, most of them elderly, hope to see them back. Now, their children and grandchildren have a different destiny away from Poland, and the only way to keep a relationship is… Skype.

Festivals & Awards (selection)

IDFA, 2018 – Special Jury Award for Mid-Length Documentary (World Premiere) | Millennium Docs Against Gravity, Poland 2019 | Thessaloniki Film Festival, 2019 – Human Values Award | One World, International Human Rights Documentary FF, Czech Republic, 2019 | Pärnu Film Festival, Estonia, 2019 | Flahertiana IDFF, Russia 2019 | Krakow Film Festival, 2019 | Skjaldborg, Icelandic Documentary Film Festival, 2019 – Jury Award

Director’s bio

Pawel Ziemilski graduated from Łódź National Film School and Wajda School in Warsaw. Short documentary and fiction films he made so far received wide publicity at numerous film festivals around the world and got many prestigious awards. Apart from directing, Ziemilski is also involved in social animation, organizing workshops for so-called troubled youth. Filmography: Rogalik, 2012, documentary | Urban Cowboys, 2016, documentary | In Touch, 2018, documentary