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A fascinating story about Indexi, a legendary band from Sarajevo, that left an indelible mark on the Ex-YU rock and roll scene, told by its former members and collaborators.

Bosnia and Herzegovina | 2020 | 107 min

PRODUCTION: Admir Dulancic, Dinno Kassalo

CAST: Goran Bregovic, Josipa Lisac, Davorin Popovic, Fadil Redzic, Djordje Uzelac

CINEMATOGRAPHY: Zoran Kubura, Bojan Hadziabdic

EDITING: Bojan Hadziabdic

SOUND: Adnan Musanovic


Indexi’s long career started in 1962 in Sarajevo where a group of young men formed a band that remained to exist up until the death of the singer, Davorin Popovic, in 2001. Indexi were one of the first bands to bring rock and roll music to Sarajevo, first playing covers of The Shadows and The Beatles, and later writing their own material and finding their own, progressive rock sound. The band produced some of the most iconic songs that are still sung by generations of ex-Yugoslavs. Their unique sound is admired by many old and new musicians alike. The film follows the highs and the lows of their career and takes the viewer back in time to when Sarajevo was an important rock and roll centre in Yugoslavia.

Thursday 24.11. / 13:15h / ZAAL 3

Saturday 26.11. / 12:15h / ZAAL 2

Director’s statement

I think we managed to make an honest film. We tried to follow the chronology, because we thought that was the only right way to show their 39 year-long career, endless member rotations, and a relatively small discography. I hope we managed to disentangle this complicated career and to tell the story from beginning to end.

Festivals & Awards (selection)

Dok ‘N’ Ritam, Serbia 2020 – Grand Prix, Audience Award | DokuMfest, Bosnia and Herzegovina 2020 – Grand Prix | DORF, Croatia 2021 – Grand Prix | Sarajevo Film Festival, 2021 

Directors’ bios

Zoran Kubura (Sarajevo, 1982)
BH journalist and documentary filmmaker. He graduated from the Faculty of Political Sciences in 2006 with a documentary ‘Primitivism at First Sight’, which represented his admission ticket to the world of television. Since 2007, he has been working as a journalist, editor and producer at the Documentary Programme Department of BHT1. He has made dozens of feature stories and documentaries for television. He usually works in a creative team with Bojan Hadžiabdić, his regular screenwriting, directing and shooting co-author.

Bojan Hadziabdic (Sarajevo, 1982)
Video-journalist, editor and producer at the Department of Documentary-Contemporary Programme of BHT1. He graduated from the Faculty of Political Sciences in Sarajevo in 2007. He shoots, cuts and edits documentaries, shows and feature stories. He commonly works with his colleague, Zoran Kubura. The two of them have made dozens of titles together.