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Invisible Child

DirectorMuhammed Ibrahim Sisman
ProducerMuhammed Ibrahim Sisman – FETA
CameraSinan Kol
EditorGoksel Tuzun
CastAjna Jusic, Lejla Damon
Length47 min

This must-see film deals with the children brought to life by women raped by enemy soldiers, and sometimes even UN peacekeepers, during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The stigma stays for life, yet some children, today grown-up, are finding their way to deal with this trauma.
The screening will be accompanied by video intro and Q&A with the main protagonist Ajna Jusic.


It’s not precisely known how many women were raped in Bosnia during the 1992-1995 war, but it is estimated between 20.000 and 50.000. A deep national trauma which also resulted in the birth of up to 4,000 Bosnian children, as counted by The Leibniz Institute for Social Sciences. Babies which today have reached the age of young adults and who are deeply confronted with that past, as well as with being marginalized or stigmatized by society. They are the “invisible children”. Turkish director Muhammed Ibrahim Sisman tackles on this subject from the angle of two such daughters. One has dedicated her life in Sarajevo to helping other victims like herself. The other was abandoned at birth and lives now in Manchester but is looking for her biological mother. The film follows them teaming up in this search which brings to light painful personal truths, but also a deeply beautiful friendship.