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Love on The Roof of The World

DirectorJan Cvitkovic
ProducerMiha Cernec – Staragara; RTV Slovenija
CastMarjana Brecelj, Ivo Barisic
WriterJan Cvitkovic
CameraJure Cernec
EditorAndrej Nagode
SoundBostjan Kacicnik
ScreeningSat 10 November | 13:15 hours | Filmhuis Den Haag
Sun 11 November | 14:00 hours | Filmhuis Den Haag
Length16 min

A poetic, comical look on love and memories of vivacious 80-year-old couple directed by Jan Cvitkovic, Cannes Award-Winning director from Slovenia.


Viktor and Ana have spent their whole lives together. All they have is each other, and all that remains are the little things, the small events. They live in a modest house with an idyllic old-fashioned rustic feel to it. Are they still attracted to each other, can they still stand each other? Time is a blur, and old resentments can surface in a split second. But are they real? Can they come between them? A black and white gem and winner of four Vesna awards at the 18th Festival of Slovenian Film.

Festivals & Awards (selection)

Festival of Slovenian Film, 2015 – Vesna awards for Best Director, Best Short Film, Best Music and Best Actor | Oldenburg International Film Festival, 2016 | Sofia International Film Festival, 2016 | Trieste Film Festival, 2016 | Mediterranean Film Festival Split, 2016 | Mediterranean Short Film Festival From Tangier, Marocco 2016 | Vilnius Film Festival, 2016 | FeKK Ljubljana Short Film Festival, 2018

Director’s bio

Jan Cvitkovic (1966), Slovenian writer, director, poet, archaeologist and actor. He took a diploma in archaeology and since 1998 he has written the screenplays for shorts, feature films and TV series. After appearing in Janez Burger’ first feature film ‘Idle Running’ as a main actor and co-writer, he made his first feature film ‘Bread and Milk’ (2001), which won the Lion of the Future Award at the Venice Film Festival. His second feature ‘Gravehopping’ received many international awards, including the Best New Director Award at San Sebastian International Film Festival.