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A jewel of a short film revolving around a village boy’s dilemma on whether to choose between his strict, abusive father or a bossy friend. Beautifully shot in hand-held camera style and constructed with touching close-ups, the film portrays a genuinely kind child who gets pushed around by almost everyone in his life. 

Angel, a shy and introverted boy, goes with his friend Mishko to pick apples, in order to sell them later and provide extra money for his family. But, as the day passes, Angel faces the increasing cruelty of Mishko and his own parents. 

This awarded short film was selected at over 60 international festivals, including Sarajevo Film Festival. It was filmed in 2017 when the director Hanis Bagashov was only just 18 years old. He started making films when he was 12, when he was spending his family summers in a remote village in North Macedonia. He based his stories and characters on people and events that he experienced in that idyllic but at times rough setting.

North Macedonia | 2018 | 16 min

PRODUCTION: Samir Ljuma – Independent Production

CAST: Marko Ristovski, Tarik Ramadani, Verica Nedeska, Igor Angelov

SCREENPLAY: Hanis Bagashov


EDITING: Radovan Petrovic

Friday 22.4. / 17:00h / ZAAL 4

Special Guests: Filmmakers Ismar Vejzovic, Samir Ljuma


Sarajevo Film Festival, 2018 | Youki International Youth Media Festival, Austria – Audience Award | Four River Film Festival, Croatia – Grand Prix | Youth Film Festival (OFF) Sarajevo – Best Film | Dubrovnik Film Festival – Best Fiction | Rough Cut Media, Philadelphia – Best Narrative | Balkan Film Food Festival, Albania – Youth Award | FILMAY Short Film Festival, North Macedonia – Special Mention