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My Grandpa Is An Alien

An extraordinary adventure of a girl and a robot on a mission to save her partly alien family. An inventive sci-fi children’s film that parents will enjoy too. Winner of the Golden Arenas for Best Visual Effects and Best Cinematography at the Pula Film festival.

In a single moment, Una’s entire life is turned upside down; the girl’s grandpa is kidnapped by aliens and her mum collapses and ends up in a hospital. Left alone in the house, Una discovers that her grandpa is an alien himself. His spaceship hit the planet some time ago, and its pilot, a little grumpy robot, still remains! Una and the robot have less than 24 hours to find and rescue her grandpa. Their mission leads to a new friendship. The rational robotic logic gets replaced by emotions, and Una’s selfless love ultimately saves her partly alien family. 


Croatia, Luxembourg, Norway, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina | 2019 | 79 min | Dutch subtitled

PRODUCTION: Darija Kulenovic Gudan, Marina Andree Skop – Studio dim; Wady Films, Filmbin, MasterFilm, Artileria, Senca Studio, Fabrika Sarajevo, Croatian Radiotelevision, Magiclab, Art Rebel 9

CAST: Lana Hranjec, Ozren Grabaric (voice), Alex Rakos

SCREENPLAY: Branko Ruzic, Pavlica Bajsic


EDITING: Marina Andree Skop


AGE: 7+

Sunday 24.4. / 13:00 / ZAAL 2


Pula Film Festival, 2019 – Best Visual Effects (Krsto Jaram, Michal Struss, Antonio Ilic, Goran Stojnic, MagicLab, Hommage), Best DOP (Sven Pepeonik) | KinoKino – International Film Festival for Children, Zagreb 2019 | FIFEM – Montreal International Children’s Film Festival, 2019 | BUFF, Malmö 2019 | Kristiansand International Children’s Film Festival, 2019 | Zlin Film Festival, 2019 | Molodist, Kyiv 2019 | Sarajevo Film Festival, 2019