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Negative Numbers

The true story of a juvenile detention center in Tiblisi, directed by young Georgian filmmaker Uta Beria. A prison-rugby drama which reflects on country’s criminal culture in the early 2000s. Winner of Human Rights Award at the 20th Tbilisi International Film Festival.

Two ex-professional rugby players took up the challenge to help young imprisoned offenders by bringing rugby into the rehabilitation centre. They met many young inmates and wrote down their stories whilst training the boys. The film recounts these stories of young people, both guilty and oppressed. “When you have to decide which family you really belong to”.


Georgia, France, Italy | 2019 | 110 min

PRODUCTION: Kote Takaishvili, David Isakadze – Magnet Films; Alief, 39 Film, Wide

CAST: Giorgi Khurtsilava, Tedo Bekhauri, Sandro Kalandadze, Viktor Barbakadze


CINEMATOGRAPHY: Tato Kotetishvili

EDITING: Alexander Kuranov, Nodar Nozadze

Saturday 23.4. / 15:15h / ZAAL 4