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Old Gold – Classic

Eastern Neighbours Film Festival | Filmhuis Den Haag | Thursday 24 November | 15:30 hours

Some films are so great that they don’t age and become a part of history. These films have transcended time and trends with outstanding quality. In Croatia, Special Trains directed by legendary Krsto Papic, was elected nationally as one of the best short films and rescreened many times.

With great pleasure and with gratitude to Zagreb Film, the film company that works on the preservation and exposition of old works of national masters, we have a chance to show this film gem to the Dutch audience. Addressing migration issues, the film seems actual and timely, even from today’s perspective.


Special Trains is a powerful, authentic, and still relevant Croatian classic from 1971, about the bitter departure of Yugoslavian “gastarbeiters” to Germany. After reaching their destination by train, their names are replaced by numbers. The film will have its Dutch premiere at ENFF.

About Zagreb Film

The Croatian film company was founded in 1953, and since then, more than 1200 documentaries, feature films and animated films have been produced in the studio. During all these years, Zagreb Film received more than 400 awards worldwide. Among them is an Oscar for Surogat, the best animated short film in 1962. Highly appreciated commercial projects were the TV series Professor Balthazar and Inspector Mask.

The specialty of Zagreb Film was short documentaries. During the 60s and 70s, numerous masterpieces of Croatian classics were created by Krsto Papic, Zoran Tadic, Ante Babaja, Kreso Golik and others. Today, Zagreb Film is returning to its roots and starting a new production cycle of short documentaries, and while some future classics are directing their new films, we are giving you a YouTube channel where you can watch the documentary, fiction films and animated gems of Zagreb Film.