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dir. Lana Bregar | Slovenia

An adolescent girl tries to dream about the memories of Mother while having to be physically present in the surrounding farm with grandmother.The short film Otava deals with loss of a loved one and picks mourning as a theme. It questions whether it is better to mourn alone or in company. At the forefront is the view of a 12-year-old girl who is left without a mother. Loti is forced to move to the countryside to her grandmother. The story begins on a greeny meadow, where Loti finds comfort and the imaginary embrace of her mother. The perfect image of a summer day is interrupted by a grandmother’s call and Loti finds herself at the work. Everyday farm chores become her new daily ritual.

Friday 22.4. / 15:15h / ZAAL 3

Special Guests: Filmmakers Marko Bicanic, Almantas Petkunas


Slovenia | 2021 | 15 min

 PRODUCTION: Ljiljana Bibic, Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television

CAST: Tara Krvina, Draga Potocnjak



EDITING: Patrik Krajnc

SOUND: Simon Pensek, Alenja Pivko Knezevic, Samo Jurca


Student Academy Awards, 2021 – Semi-finalist Nominee | SHOTS Film Festival, 2021 | Sarajevo Film Festival, 2021 | FeKK – Ljubljana Short Film Festival, 2021 | Betina Film Festival, 2021 | Zsigmond Vilmos Film Festival, 2021