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Paradise ’89

DirectorMadara Dislere
ProducerAija Berzina, Alise Gelze – Tasse Film; Bastei Media
CastMagda Lote Auzina, Liva Locmele, Marta Ģertrude Auzane, Evelina Ozola, Inga Apine, Gatis Gaaga, Kaspars Gods, Ivars Krasts
WriterMadara Dislere
CameraGints Berzins
EditorHeike Parplies
ScreeningFriday 9 November | 19:15 hours | Filmhuis Den Haag
Saturday 10 November | 16:30 hours | Filmhuis Den Haag
Original TitlePARADIZE ’89
Length90 min

In 2018, Latvia celebrates a hundred years since it has become an independent state. This compelling film is a part of the rich centenary program. The story is situated in 1989 and it’s based on actual events during the fall of the Iron Curtain when Latvia was on its way towards restoration of democracy and independence. Screenings will be followed by Q&A with the director Madara Dišlere.


The year is 1989 and the TV news are reporting a state of emergency in Latvia. Girls who have been left with no adult supervision are preparing for war. Paula and Laura are city girls and they spend their summer holidays in a small town with their cousins, Maija and Linda. Left unattended, they enjoy freedom, imitate the life of adults, plunge into reckless adventures and get into trouble. When a state of emergency is announced on TV, Paula, full of hope, heads to the Baltic Way demonstration to join hands with two million people in a human chain spanning across the three Baltic states: Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. The film is a part of the centenary program of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia.

Director’s statement

Right now, in this rapidly changing world it feels important to tell a personal story. Yet it is one that unifies so many of us who experienced the fall of the Iron Curtain as children. I sincerely hope that my film will spark a much needed dialogue between kids and their parents about freedom in the very broad and the very intimate sense.