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Peculiarity of Fisherman’s Soul

The adventurous and funny journey of Czech fishermen into the wild North! 


A group of six good-natured Czech men embark on a fishing foray to distant Norway. They are united by long-term friendship and their desire for male adventure. Like another 20,000 Czechs, our heroes pack their fishing rods, waterproof jackets, lunch boxes and cartons of beer and as every year, they leave behind their partners, pubs and homes. The sea gives them freedom and the desire to fulfil their dreams propels them after their colossal catch. But what if the most valuable thing cannot be found at the end of the rod?


Czech Republic | 2021 | 77 min

DIRECTOR / SCREENPLAY: Ivana Pauerova Milosevicova

PRODUCTION: Anna Lisalova – Aerofilms, Alena Mullerova – Czech Television


EDITING: Hedvika Hansalova

SOUND: Petr Soltys, Petr Provaznik

SCREENING: Friday 25 November / 21:00h / Zaal 2 & Saturday 26 November / 13:00h / Zaal 4

The screening will be followed by Q&A with director Ivana Pauerova Milosevicova. Dutch Premiere

Director’s statement

As part of a comedically humorous narrative, the film depicts the themes of male friendship, unfulfilled dreams, and a very specific type of vanishing male identity.

Director’s bio

Ivana Pauerova Milosevicova graduated in humanities at Charles University and Documentary Film at Film Academy, Prague (FAMU). Her creative experience includes direction of documentary films on social and political topics. She is one of the founding members of the Institute of Documentary Film in Prague. Since 2012, she has been cooperating with Czech Television as a documentary film and series project supervisor, dramaturg and developer. Her documentaries include “Never Been Better”, on the situation in postwar Bosnia, and “Ladies in White”, about the wives, mothers, and sisters of Cuban dissidents. From 2003 to 2012, she headed the Ex Oriente Film workshop for the Institute of Documentary Film and the East European Forum. She works as an external lecturer for FAMU. In 2009, she was elected to the executive committee of the European Documentary Network (EDN).

Festivals & Awards (selection)

Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival, 2021 – National Premiere | Visions du Réel: Doc Outlook – International Market, 2021 | Krakow Film Festival, 2022