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Pripyat Piano

DirectorEliska Cilkova
ProducerJindrich Andrs – Gamma Pictures; FAMU, Noemi Krausova
WriterEliska Cilkova
CameraTomas Frkal
EditorEliska Cilkova
Length18 min
CountryCzech Republic

A music poem about radioactive city Pripyat and it`s abandoned pianos.


Radioactive Pripyat pianos tell the story of the Chernobyl disaster in a unique way. Due to the high radiation level in former city of Pripyat, the abandoned pianos became the only inhabitants who can maintain its sounds even if the walls around them collapse. Moreover, a piano is too heavy to steal, and so none can take it away from the city. The Chernobyl tragedy is heavily settled in the minds of local people who were forced to leave their homes. To be able to overcome it, they produced their own songs, poems and lyrics, dealing with the case. Now they are coming back to Pripyat to sing and play them again! Looking at overgrown objects in Pripyat, and listening the sounds of nature and radioactive pianos, they could witness the tremendous power of nature to be able not only to conquer, but also to adapt.