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Radio Freedom

A war-time drama that explores the life of an amateur radio operator in besieged Sarajevo and his struggle to survive the madness around him.

An amateur radio operator lives alone in a besieged city torn by the war, away from his wife and young child. He reports on the war from his improvised station and helps people get in touch with their loved ones outside the city. When he learns of a death of a child that helped him cross the sniper infested street, he decides to leave the city. 

Well-known actors Alban Ukaj and Zana Marjanovic are in the main roles.


The Netherlands, Bosnia and Herzegovina | 2020 | 19 min

PRODUCTION: Ishak Jalimam, Azur Begovic, Adi Begovic – Yad Media, Realstage

CAST: Alban Ukaj, Zana Marjanovic, Mario Knezovic, Faketa Salihbegovic-Avdagic

SCREENPLAY: Ismar Vejzovic, Bafl Sarhang


EDITING: Bafl Sarhang

Friday 22.4. / 17:00h / ZAAL 4

Special Guests: Filmmakers Ismar Vejzovic, Samir Ljuma


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