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Slovenia’s nominee for Oscars 2022! A moving love story of two people suffering from dementia. 

 “I am interested in the atmosphere of a retirement home, which oscillates between poetry and a higher knowledge”, points out the director.

Bruno and Dusa, who live in the same nursing home, enjoy each other’s company. However, their moments together are always soon forgotten, as both of them suffer from dementia. Each time they meet feels like the first. This unique relationship is evoked by Gigliola Cinquetti’s song “Non ho l’età”, performed at the Sanremo Festival back in the 1960s – the only shared memory from their youth. The succession of powerful and poetic images portrays the protagonists’ confusion as well as their nostalgic moods. The story has funny moments too, like the night when Bruno can’t find his room – he accidentally enters Dusa’s and lies down next to her. Upon waking up, they start arguing, each certain that the other is in the wrong bed, only to rediscover their mutual affection. Sanremo is kind of nostalgic homage to director’s parents.

Slovenia, Italy | 2020 | 85 min

PRODUCTION: Miroslav Mandic, Nina Robnik – Filmostovje; RTV Slovenija, Incipit Film

CAST: Sandi Pavlin, Silva Cusin, Boris Cavazza, Mojca Funkl

SCREENPLAY: Miroslav Mandic

CINEMATOGRAPHY: Peter Zeitlinger

EDITING: Andrej Nagode

Friday 22.4. / 16:30h / ZAAL 1


Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival, Estonia 2020 – World Premiere | Seattle International Film Festival, 2021 | Shanghai International Film Festival, 2021 | CinEast, Luxemburg 2021 | Sarajevo Film Festival, 2021 | LIFFE, Serbia 2021 – Best Actor | Balkan Panorama Film Festival, Turkey 2021 – Best Director, Best Actor | Slovenia’s Official Submission to the 94th Academy Awards