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As every year, the Eastern Neighbors Film Festival brings special musical guests who will beautify our program and further present the rich cultures of their countries to the Dutch audience.

This 13th edition will be enhanced by the performances of the Ukrainian choir Chervoni Korali, their conductor Nataliya Malahnova, and the Slovenian duo consisting of Ajda Mila Jamnik and Luka Bencic.

Beneficial screenings for Ukraine

The Hague-based Vocal ensemble Chervoni Korali (red corals – typical Ukrainian necklace) unites amateur singers from different regions of Ukraine. They sing Ukrainian spiritual and folk songs and promote their traditions and culture in The Netherlands and beyond. 

Ukrainian musicians will accompany the charity screenings of two films by Ukrainian female directors.

– It is again our pleasure to participate in ENFF and introduce vocally the Ukrainian documentaries. This time, however, reality hits hard and singing becomes our remedy to stay strong tapping into the power of our traditional Ukrainian songs – said Nataliya who is happy that our festival has joined many actions to help Ukraine.

The Hague-based choir Chervoni Korali can be seen on Saturday when we are screening the film Earth is Blue as Orange. Their conductor Nataliya Malahnova will treat our audience with her solo performance on Sunday when it is possible to visit the projection of This Rain Will Never Stop.

New, vibrant Slovenian Cinema

This edition of our festival brings into focus Slovenian cinematography and that is why a Slovenian duo consisting of vocalist Ajda Mila Jamnik and contrabass player Luka Bencic is performing on the opening night on April 20.

 Ajda and Luka began working together in Amsterdam, where they met as students of the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. The strange and rather unusual combination of bass and voice with no other accompaniment allows them to approach music from a different perspective, giving them both more freedom as well as a need to support each other differently. They will treat our audience to an unorthodox performance of a traditional folk song.

Written by Tatjana Lisjak