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Stories From The Chestnut Woods

DirectorGregor Bozic
ProducerMarina Gumzi – NOSOROGI; Transmedia Production, RTV Slovenia, DFFB
WriterGregor Bozic, Marina Gumzi
CameraFerran Paredes Rubio
EditorGregor Bozic, Benjamin Mirguet, Giuseppe Leonetti
CastMassimo De Francovich, Ivana Roscic, Giusi Merli, Tomi Janezic
Length81 min
CountrySlovenia / Italy

This stunning debut, sophisticated elegy from the Slovenian-Italian border, swept 11 awards at the main Slovenian national festival, including the best film, the best director and the audience award. After premiering at the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival, the film had a huge success internationally, and it’s Slovenian candidate for Oscar.
The film will be introduced by Slovenian actor Sebastian Cavazza.


Once upon a time, somewhere in a far-off land, lived an elderly husband and wife. The old woman fell sick and died, and the old man, a stingy carpenter, found himself alone. Pondering the life he had lived, he met a young woman, the last chestnut seller in the region who desperately wanted to leave home and find a better life overseas. Surrounded by nothing but rudimentary nature these lonely souls share fond memories as well as contemplation of their futures. Should they remain haunted by a life that was, or does another path call, joining countless others on the rickety cart to a life unknown? This beautiful, melancholic tale was shot on 35 mm, the carefully created photography establishes a very special mood throughout the film. The director Gregor Bozic is the most exciting discovery from the SEE region that brings a new, fresh and original voice to the European author’s cinema.