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A sophisticated, gentle story of an older woman, Sunny, an interviewer working on social research. She leads us into Georgian citizens’ homes and lets us learn about the different Georgia behind the doors. 

The title of the film is Sunny. Sunny is the literal translation of our main character’s name in Georgian. She is a Georgian citizen and Georgia was often referred to as “Sunny Georgia” during the Soviet times. 60-year-old Sunny is a former teacher who now makes her living as an interviewer for sociological studies. This job is her only way of overcoming total solitude and maintaining a social life. She leads us into the narrow streets of Tbilisi and its sleeping districts, showing us a variety of flats, houses and living conditions, and lets us listen to Georgian citizens’ thoughts and hopes on urgent political and civic issues. The film received the Honourable Mention at the Hot Docs, the largest documentary festival in North America and had its European premiere at Sarajevo FF.


Georgia | 2020 | 67 min

PRODUCTION: Nato Sikharulidze – Terra Incognita Films, Tsisana Khundadze – Sunny Films

CINEMATOGRAPHY: Giorgi Shvelidze, Giorgi Pailodze, Gigi Samsonadze

EDITING: Levan Butkhuzi

SOUND: Giorgi Goglik Gogoladze, Irakli Ivanishvili, Tamta Mandzulashvili

MUSIC: Nanuli Abesadze, Gia Chirakidze, Suliko Koroshinadze

Saturday 23.4. / 13:15h / ZAAL 1

Sunday 24.4. / 19:15h / ZAAL 2


Hot Docs, Canadian International Documentary Festival 2021 – Honourable Mention as the Best Mid-Length Documentary (World Premiere) | Sarajevo Film Festival, 2021 – Documentary Competition (European Premiere)