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Talk On Migrant Cinema

New identity of European contemporary cinema

In our program Cinema by Migrants/Cinema on Migrants, we screen ten films made by directors from Eastern or Southeastern origin living in the West or by local filmmakers whose films deal with the life of migrants.

Next to the film screenings, we will have a DEBATE about the new identity of European contemporary cinema. What kind of new themes, different, refreshed aesthetics the filmmakers bring in their work. We will talk about this topic with ENFF guests from Austria, Germany, Hungary and France, whose films are part of the program.

We also invite a group of the filmmakers based in the Netherlands, but originating from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Russia, Poland, Ukraine and Romania. We want to examine how they chose their topic and whether they feel obliged, doomed or inclined, to deliver content about migrants in the films they make in their new homelands.

Join us on Sunday 10 November at 12:00 hours in Filmhuis Den Haag in Studio A, free admission.