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The Ballad of Piargy



A compelling love story about guilt, love, and cruel punishment that has won over 40 accolades worldwide. It speaks of the patriarchal position of men in the village of Piargy, a symbol of a modern Sodom and Gomorrah. Great performances and strong direction. 

At its core a family melodrama, The Ballad of Piargy explores the tumultuous life of a woman in a small village clinging to tradition and dogma in a world on the brink of World War Two. Religion, tradition, and family – how often have these been held up to justify abuse, oppression, and violence? Told retroactively through the eyes of the last survivor of an avalanche that destroys the entire village, the film follows Julisa, a young woman who has just married the eldest son of a wealthy landowner. While the match may seem ideal, the Rohac family’s patriarch quickly overshadows the idyllic marriage.

SHOWTIMES | Special Guest: director Ivo Trajkov

Saturday, 25 November – 21:00

Sunday, 26 November – 16:35

PIARGY | 2022 | 100 min | Slovakia, North Macedonia, Czech Republic

PRODUCTIONSilvia Panakova, Erik Panak – ARINA; i/o post, Story Scope, Radio and Television Slovakia
CASTJudit Bardos, Attila Mokos, Daniel Fischer, Jana Kvantikova
SCREENPLAYIvo Trajkov, Jana Skorepová
EDITINGMichal Reich


Canadian Cinematography Awards – Best Director, Cinematography, Editing and Art Director | Sun in a Net Awards, Slovakia – 12 Awards including Audience Award | Los Angeles Cinematography Awards – Best B&W Cinematography, Feature Film, Cinematographer, Art Director, Song and Producer | New York Cinematography Awards – Best Cinematography and Feature Film | Hollywood Gold Awards – Honourable Mention | Paris Film Awards – Best Picture | London Movie Awards – Best Feature Film | European Cinematography Awards – Best Feature Film, Art Director, Screenplay and Cinematography | Brussels IFF – Grand Prix


Ten years ago, we thought we could try to make a film that is not normally made in our country. And Piargy was born – a metaphorical story about the dark power of decay and the unrewarding position of women in society. The film takes place just before the outbreak of World War II, but its parables are so current, that it sends chills down the spine. Creation of the screenplay for this film took several years because its authors Jana Skorepova and Ivo Trajkov, who is also a director of this film, tried to uncover what is animal and dark in us, humans, and at the same time they avoided being pathetic or unambiguous. We filmed in all seasons of the year, with actors, non-actors, musicians, dancers, children, and animals. We used “wind blowers, rain machines, smoke machines”, we made snow from everything possible; sometimes we were cold, sometimes hot, but it was worth it.


A Macedonian director, producer, editor, screenwriter, playwright, and lecturer. Ivo Trajkov graduated from FAMU in Prague, where he now works as a professor. He has produced more than 150 documentaries and feature films. Three of the feature films he directed were Macedonian Oscar nominations in 2004, 2009 and 2015.