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The News

When a woman discovers a corpse, the whole village starts to compete over who will get coverage on national television. An awarded tragicomedy and this year’s candidate for European Film Awards!

A newly married woman lives with her in-laws while her husband works in the neighbouring country, Greece. One day she stumbles across a dead woman’s body whilst fetching the water from the fountain. Pushed to the side, both the in-laws proceed to talk to the local news, lying about finding the body and revelling in the attention they’re getting. A battle amongst the villagers to get coverage in the news ensues, and the actual crime itself becomes overshadowed. Talented director Lorin Terezi says the film shows violent media reality and exaggeration of the news that we are facing every day; just for one more view, one more click.

Albania, Spain | 2020 | 23 min

PRODUCTION: Anila Balla, Eduardo M Escribano Solera – Mailuki Films

CAST: Lena Kryeziu Bokshi, Bilbil Kasmi, Mirjana Deti Lago

SCREENPLAY: Anila Balla, Lorin Terezi


SOUND: Endri Pine

Friday 22.4. / 17:00h / ZAAL 4

Special Guests: Filmmakers Ismar Vejzovic, Samir Ljuma


Flickerfest International Film Festival, Australia 2021 – Best International Short Film (Academy Accredited) | European Film Awards, 2021 – Short list candidate | Busan International Short Film Festival, Korea 2021 | Queens World Film Festival, New York 2021 | International Short Film Festival of Cyprus, 2020