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Tiny Summer Trilogy



Three short stories about feeling the taste of summer.

Tiny Summer Trilogy is a short documentary in three parts which, from different angles, evokes the warmness and shortness of summer, the feeling of freedom and melancholy, and even the life of bugs. The collaboration project of three female directors from Georgia and Ukraine was made with the aim of manifesting their love of cinema in an experimental, luminous form.

SHOWTIMES | Special Feature: New Talents Competition 2 with Falling, Mammoth, The Land of Aliens & The Most Beautiful Corner in the World
Special Guests: directors Dordije Petrovic and Anna Gyimesi

Saturday, 25 November – 16:00

Sunday, 26 November – 10:30

TINY SUMMER TRILOGY | 2023 | 8 min | Ukraine, Georgia

PRODUCTIONMaryna Brodovska, Dea Tcholokava, Olga Chernykh – Kino Guarimba
CASTCarmen and Roberto, Mariam Tcholokava, people of Amantea city
SCREENPLAYKateryna Ruzhyna
EDITINGOlga Chernykh, Dea Tcholokava
SOUNDVeronika Kanischeva, Maryna Brodovska, Dea Tcholokava
VOICE OVERMariam Tcholokava, Olga Chernykh


Beast International Film Festival, Portugal 2023 – Official Competition


“Tiny Summer Trilogy” is a documentary series made with love for experimental storytelling. The trilogy aims to show small stories told from different perspectives about summer, its warmth, wisdom, sadness and bugs. One of the main goals that authors had in mind while making the film is to transfer a bittersweet feeling of summer as a small separate life that we all experience every year. And like a fisherman on his last sea ride, we are gathering moments, people and feelings that will “feed” us on long winter nights and stay in mind reminding us that there is always dawn after dusk. There are three short stories in the film. “Tiny Summer Haiku” is a film monologue from the view of an 8-year-old girl preparing for a summer trip to the ocean and thinking about loneliness, sadness and danger of being near the sea. “Tale from a Seashore” is a story about an old lady who is a beach keeper. And her role is to guard a volcano that remains silent while she continues to watch it. And “Tickling Studies” is a story about short relationships between bugs and flowers told from a bug perspective.


Dea Tcholokava was born in Tbilisi in 1996. She studied at Tbilisi State University, in Fachhochschule Kiel and at Justus Liebig University Multimedia Production and Sciences. Then she finished Tbilisi Film and Theatre National University as a film Director. She was involved in different feature films and TV shows as a first AD and screenwriter.

Maryna Brodovska was born in Mykolaiv, in 1988. She studied in Kyiv, receiving a master’s degree in cultural studies in 2019. Maryna is the author of the script of several films, commercials and series, in particular, the short film “The Land of Aliens”, the comedy series “Head”, the comedy series “Lucy Intern”, the short film “Coldness” and others.

Olga Chernykh was born in Donetsk, in 1990. In 2017, she graduated with an MA from the Cinematography department of the Kyiv National I. K. Karpenko-Karyi University and worked as a director of photography on various Ukrainian and international fiction and documentary projects.