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Vesna Goodbye

A film showing the impressive and unusual ways kids can cope with the loss of their mother. Winner of the Vesna Award for Best Original Audiovisual Work at the Festival of Slovenian Film.

10-year-old Emi and her pregnant older sister Vesna go for a drive down the coast to try to reconnect following the recent death of their mother. Emi observes her sister and quietly tries to make sense of Vesna’s grief, while words remain unsaid. With incredible maturity, Emi realises that in order to protect her sister and herself, she will have to find her way back home on her own.  

Slovenia, Australia | 2020 | 14 min

PRODUCTION: Rok Bicek – Cvinger film; Gal Greenspan, Sharlene George – Sweetshop & Green; Jim M. Wright, Michael Ciccone – Truce Films

CAST: Pauline Aleynik, Emily Milledge



EDITING: Hayley Miro Browne


DSR – Directors Guild of Slovenia, 2021 – Stiglicev Pogled Award for Best Directing | Festival of Slovenian Film, 2020 – Vesna Award for Most Inventive Audiovisual Work | Sarajevo Film Festival, 2020 – Short Film Competition (World Premiere)