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Wake Me



The suspenseful drama about a family living in today’s Slovenia, where locals project the bitterness of their everyday life onto innocent “others”. Will Slovenian and Bosnian childhood friends reconnect, and can sanity prevail? 

A man suffering memory loss tries to reconnect with his past, which appears to hold some unpleasant truths. Rok awakes in the hospital, where he ends up unconscious due to an unfortunate incident. He has no memory of his girlfriend, job, or the apartment he lives in. All he remembers is his hometown and the home he shared with his mother and younger brother. Shortly after returning to the neighbourhood, Rok notices he is no longer welcome. Slowly, he manages to piece together a mosaic of memories, realising how problematic his past was. His younger brother is following the same path. Rok accepts responsibility for the first time in his life; he wants to end the bad family history and prevent it from repeating itself.

SHOWTIMES | Special Guest: director Marko Santic

Thursday, 23 November – 20:15

Saturday, 25 November – 15:00

ZBUDI ME | 2022 | 85 min | Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia

PRODUCTIONDanijel Hocevar, Zala Opara – Vertigo; Jaka Produkcija, Living Pictures
CASTJure Henigman, Timon Sturbej, Natasa Barbara Gracner, Ziva Selan
SCREENPLAYMarko Santic, Goran Vojnovic, Sara Hribar
EDITINGVladimir Gojun
LANGUAGESlovene, Bosnian


Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival, 2022 – World Premiere | Trieste Film Festival, 2023 | GoEast Wiesbaden, 2023 | FEST – International Film Festival, 2023 | Pula Film Festival, 2023


The world has recently witnessed historical revisionism – a reinterpretation of history. The younger generations spend much time on the internet, getting their historical facts wrong. Under this influence, they seem to be creating a completely different image of history from the one we know. The film’s main character, Rok, has no memory of his problematic past due to memory loss – and when he returns to his hometown, he starts to discover his old “demons”. His amnesia, caused by a head injury, represents modern individuals who know little about their shared past and are, therefore, more easily pushed into hostility towards other cultures and fellow citizens. This general ignorance of history affects all of us. That’s why this is the topic of my fourth fiction film.


Marko Šantić is a Croatian-born, and Slovenian-based film director and screenwriter. His short feature film Good Luck Nedim (2006) received several international awards, a.o. Heart of Sarajevo for the Best Short Film, Tribeca FF Student Visionary Award and EFA nomination in the short film category. Šantić’s previous feature-length works include a TV feature Seduce Me (2013), which internationally premiered at the Warsaw FF, where he received Special Mention. The film was also Slovenian submission for the 87th Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 2014. With Sara Hribar, who is one of the co-writers of Wake me, Šantić co-directed a feature film Lada Kamenski (2018), which had a premiere at the Montreal FF and has received 11 awards. Wake Me (2022) is his fourth film and first solo cinema feature.