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Water Man

A modern animated adaptation of a Slovenian folk tale told through the eyes of Ema and her little brother lost in the hustle of a supermarket. 

This short animation brings the story of four-year-old Max and his teenage sister Ema who enriches their shopping in a large mall by telling him the story of the Water Man. Ema’s picturesque narration pulls her younger brother into a whirlpool of imagination. He identifies with the events and characters from the story, and travels with them into fantasy worlds. But as the narrative and their play become more intense, Ema notices that Max is lost… The story ends happily, serving as a reminder that the most valuable things in life cannot be bought.


Slovenia | 2020 | 14 min

PRODUCTION: Bojan Mastilovic – Iridium film

CAST: Iva Lazar, Anze Perko (voice)

ANIMATION: Jure and Marko Lavrin

STORYBOARD: Tanja Semion

MUSIC: Marko Lavrin