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When The Dragon Came

DirectorStefan Pavlovic
ProducerDan Nutu, Cristina Hoffman
WriterStefan Pavlovic
CameraAylin Gokmen
EditorStefan Pavlovic
SoundSergio Gonzalez, Maria Balanean, Ksenija Ladic
ScreeningSat 10 November | 13:15 hours | Filmhuis Den Haag
Sun 11 November | 14:00 hours | Filmhuis Den Haag
Length21 min

An intimate story of two people walking the same landscape, separately. Screenings will be followed by Q&A with the director Stefan Pavlovic.


It is morning, there is fog.
A horse approaches.
Laundry hangs from colorful strings. Church bells.
Wasps swirl around a piece of jam on the ground.
He leaves.
She remains with the children, (but will soon also leave.)

A short poetic documentary about two people, their eight children, the caring for a herd of cows: the acceptance of a life not quite turned out as expected. A film by Stefan Pavlovic, a young filmmaker based in Amsterdam. The film premiered at this year’s Netherlands Film Festival and won the Best Student Award at the Zlatna International Ethnographic Film Festival in Romania.

Director’s bio

Stefan Pavlovic started his studies in film directing at the prestigious Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles. Upon graduating he was hired as the personal assistant to commercial film director Tom Kuntz where his tasks included the development of film scripts and treatments, all the way into the editing process.

His work lies between the experimental documentary and the linear narrative structure. A lot of his work ends up as homage: being made with and for someone he is close with. Combining improvisation and orchestration, non-actors and professionals, he looks for an intimacy that is built on real relationships, on time spent and on space shared. He experiments with different methods on how off-screen relationships influence the on-screen material.

In 2017 Stefan moved back to Europe, after a ten year period in The United States, to pursue an Artistic Research in and through Cinema at the Dutch Film Academy in Amsterdam where is mentored by documentary film maker Eyal Sivan.

His short film ‘When the dragon came – (monologues)’ was produced during a five week period in Romania while participating in the Aristoteles Workshop in the summer of 2017.