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Brunch With Vaclav Neckar

Sunday 11 November | 11.30 hours
Filmhuis Den Haag | Studio A | Free admission

Meet and greet one of our ENFF VIP guests – Václav Neckář, the main actor of our closing film Larks on a String by Jiří Menzel that won the top prize at the Berlinale. On Sunday morning, you will have the opportunity to have an informal conversation with famous Czech singer and actor. Welcome!

Václav Neckář was born 23 October 1943 in Prague. He is a Czech actor and singer known all over the Eastern Europe. He is best known for his performance as Milos Hrma in Oscar winning film “Closely Watched Trains” by Jiří Menzel. He sang in the hugely popular trio ‘Golden Kids’ and cooperated with Polish singer Anna Jantar during their performances in Poland and CSSR (1978-1979). Selected filmography: ‘Czech Woodstock’ (2004), ‘Larks on a String’ (1969), ‘Lady Macbeth von Mzensk’ (1992), ‘Sing, Cowboy, sing’ (1981), ‘Pan Vok odchazi’ (1979), ‘The Lanfier Colony’ (1969), ‘The Incredibly Sad Princess’ (1968), ‘Kulhavy dabel’ (1968), ‘Little Summer Blues’ (1968), ‘Private Torment’ (1967), ‘Closely Observed Trains’ (1966). Nowadays, he gives concerts in the Czech Republic and abroad. More information via official page.