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“Nationalism is an infantile disease; it is the measles of mankind”, Albert Einstein.

The documentary essay sets a mirror against contemporary Slovak society by pointing out the inability to consider language and history, which has led to the threat of new authoritarianism. In the film, we watch a young Ukrainian woman who is selected for a fictitious competition for a TV journalist, who attends a variety of events, people and public protests in order to understand Slovak social-political reality. Although the war in Ukraine is seemingly taking place in the background, it is also significantly affecting the current mood, societal tensions, language, and new forms of populism in the country.

SHOWTIMES | Special Feature: New Talents Competition 2 with Falling, Mammoth, The Land of Aliens & Tiny Summer Trilogy
Special Guests: directors Dordije Petrovic and Anna Gyimesi

Saturday, 25 November – 16:00

Sunday, 26 November – 10:30

NAJKRAJSI KUT V SIROM SVETE | 2022 | 25 min | Slovakia

PRODUCTIONTereza Holubova  – Academy of Performing Arts/Film & TV Faculty, Bratislava
CASTZoya Zorkina, Vladimir Strmen, Ivan Kamenec, Margareta Vysna
CINEMATOGRAPHYBoris Dubik, Michal Vasil, Robo Mihaly
EDITINGPetra Vrbova
LANGUAGESlovakian, Ukrainian


Robo Mihály studied philosophy at Comenius University and is currently a student of the Department of Documentary Film at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. He works in film direction, documentary photography, occasional journalism and community organizing. In his professional and artistic activity, he deals with philosophical questions of democracy, social struggles, radicalism and nationalism. Filmography: Long Live Death (2021), Lex (2022).

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