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Documentaries Open Debates

The Investigator (2022).

In our program Documentaries Open Debates, we present relevant documentary films that gauge the social climate. The documentaries in this series offer in-depth reflections on pressing issues in Eastern Europe.

Sometimes serious, but also humorous, documentaries offer new perspectives on reality. King Lear: How We Looked For Love During The War (2023) unfolds as a story of resilience and unity. After thousands find refuge in Western Ukraine when Russia invades Ukraine, a local director decides to involve displaced people in making his dream come true – performing the play King Lear. Guest: director Dmytro Hreshko.

What is the work of a war crime investigator? Vladimír Dzuro, the main character of the documentary The Investigator (2022), is the only Czech investigator who has worked for the ICTY. An extensive Q&A with the protagonist will be led by Prof. Petr Kopecký of Leiden University.

El Shatt – A Blueprint for Utopia (2023) reveals a fascinating, rarely-known story from Croatia. This important documentary combines archival footage with testimony from a former Yugoslav refugee camp in the Egyptian desert, made by Ivan Ramljak, IFFR Rotterdam programmer.