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Until All Is Resolved



An accidental encounter in a café on a sunny weekend morning. The conversation goes wrong. People trying their best to keep up appearances but slightly losing control in a deadpan, short comedy of manners. 

Slavica, once a respected self-made woman, meets her personal doctor by chance on a sunny weekend stroll. The chit-chat turns eerie, and communication breaks down. No explanations are provided… and life just goes on. According to the director, Until All is Resolved is a dialogue miniature. An exploration of power relations, specifically of those unintentional and slight acts of rudeness to which we are all occasionally prone in communication. Through an estranged narrative, phoney dialogues, unusual editing choices, and synth music, the film neglects the norms with the aim to block the automaticity of expectations.

SHOWTIMES | Special Feature: New Talents Competition 1 with Avitaminosis, Big Phat Party, Hope Hotel Phantom, & The Trip
Special Guests: directors Rimantas Oičenka, Bojan Stojcic, Kateryna Ruzhyna, Marija Georgiev

Saturday, 25 November – 11:30

Sunday, 26 November – 14:15

DA SE SVE RIJESI | 2023 | 13 min | Croatia

PRODUCTIONBojan Kanjera – Peglanje snova
CASTEdita Karadole, Jelena Miholjevic, Biserka Ipsa, Dora Polic Vitez
SCREENPLAYMarija Georgiev
EDITINGIva Kraljevic


Marija Georgiev is a filmmaker and film educator based in Zagreb. She is currently enrolled in the film dramaturgy MA-program at the Academy of Dramatic Arts Zagreb. Marija is also the program director of the film education platform Sedmi kontinent. Her interests are in offs and odds of narrative films, subtle storylines, and minimalistic expressions.