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Young Generation Stories

(The Land Within, 2022)

Four films, one shared theme: young people’s struggle to find their way in life. 

In The Land Within (2022) from Switzerland and Kosovo, two migrants face the disruptive consequences of a tumultuous past. Is truth possible in a world where survival seems to be the priority? Guest: director Fisnik Maxville.

Hungary’s Summer to Come (2022) follows the fortunes of two boys and a girl at a high school summer camp, where the vicissitudes of love and the end of one of them are at the heart of the story.

In A Room of My Own (2022) from Georgia, young Tina discovers what it is like to be free and make her own decisions without depending on men. This film shows the quest for independence and self-reliance that many young people go through.

Divas (2021) is a multiple award-winning documentary about misfits from a “second chance” high school in Budapest, in their path to adulthood. The director portrays this story in a dynamic and playful way, using language and style reminiscent of social media. Guest: director Máté Kőrösi.