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Short Takes on Corona Times

New season of Eastern Neighbours Film Festival starts! Nothing is as usual all around us. We are all in a certain lockdown with our lives for more than half a year. The fragility of planning is probably perceived by all of us. Yet, there is one interesting feature of life that stands out in this challenging time: the COVID-19 crisis has taught us is to look deeper into the value of small everyday rituals, of human communication and behaviour. These almost impossible working conditions brought to the surface dozens of short films around the world in which active, poetic and sharp minds of film directors created engaging, somewhat funny, thought-provoking shorts. We are bringing a few of them, made by young directors from the Southeast Europe and Caucasus in the ENFF Kick-Off programShort Takes on Corona Times.

This unique, online warming-up program is available for you from 14 September 2020 on our online channels – for free! Stay tuned for more news and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.